China supplier C2120 C2122 H Factory Price 76.2mm Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain with K1 K2 Attachment

Product Description

Product Description




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Chain No.


Chain No.

P bi d2 L3 L Lc
mm   mm mm mm mm mm
C208A C2040 25.40 7.85 3.96 9.5 25.1 26.2
C208AL C2042
C210A C2050 31.75 9.40 5.08 11.9 31.3 33.1
C210AL C2052
C212A C2060 38.10 12.57 5.94 14.3 38.6 40.6
C212AL C2062
C212AH C2060H


38.10 12.57 5.94 14.3 42.0 43.8
C216A C2080 50.80 15.75 7.92 19.1 50.3 53.3
C216AL C2082




50.80 15.75 7.92 19.1 53.5 55.0
C220A C2100 63.50 18.90 9.53 23.8 61.8 66.1
C220AL C2102
C220AH C2100H 63.50 18.90 9.53 23.8 65.0 68.3
C220AHL C2102H
C224AH C2120H 76.20 25.22 11.10 28.6 79.6 83.6
C224AHL C2122H
C232AH C2160H 101.60 31.75 14.27 38.1 103.0 107.8
C232AHL C2162H







P G L F W  H4 d4
 mm  mm  mm  mm  mm  mm  mm
SSC208A SSC2040 25.40 19.1 9.5 25.4 39.6 9.1 3.4
SSC208AL SSC2042
SSC208B   23.2 12.7 4.5
SSC210A SSC2050 31.75 23.8 11.9 31.8 49.0 11.1 5.5
SSC210AL SSC2052
SSC212A SSC2060 38.10 28.6 14.3 42.9 67.8 14.7 5.5
SSC212AL SSC2062
SSC216A SSC2080 50.80 38.1 19.1 55.6 87.8 19.1 6.8
SSC216AL SSC2082
SSC220A SSC2100 63.50 47.6 23.8 66.6 107.5 23.4 9.2
SSC220AL SSC2102
SSC224A SSC2120 76.20 57.2 28.6 79.3 121.4 27.8  11.0
SSC224AL SSC2122
SSC232A SSC2160 101.6 76.2 38.1 104.7 151.6 36.5  13.1
SSC232AL SSC2162

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Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car, 1 Year
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Manufacturing Method: Rolling Gear
Toothed Portion Shape: Spur Gear
Material: Stainless Steel
US$ 12.30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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motor chain

Can a motor chain be used in environments with high temperatures or humidity?

Yes, motor chains can be used in environments with high temperatures or humidity, but certain considerations need to be taken into account.

High Temperatures:

When operating in high-temperature environments, it is important to choose a motor chain that can withstand the elevated temperatures. Special heat-resistant materials, such as heat-treated steel or alloys, are often used for the construction of chains intended for high-temperature applications. These materials have superior heat resistance and can maintain their strength and performance even at elevated temperatures.

In addition to selecting the appropriate chain material, proper lubrication becomes even more critical in high-temperature environments. The lubricant used should have a high temperature rating to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent premature wear. Regular monitoring of the chain’s condition and lubrication levels is essential to maintain its performance and minimize the effects of heat.


In humid environments, the risk of corrosion and rust formation on the motor chain increases. To address this, corrosion-resistant materials and coatings are commonly used for motor chains. Stainless steel chains or chains with special corrosion-resistant coatings provide better protection against moisture and humidity.

Proper maintenance and lubrication are also crucial in humid environments to prevent moisture from penetrating the chain and causing corrosion. Regular inspections, cleaning, and lubrication with corrosion-inhibiting lubricants can help extend the lifespan of the chain and maintain its performance.

It is important to note that while motor chains can be used in high-temperature or humid environments, their performance and lifespan can still be affected. It is recommended to consult the chain manufacturer for specific guidelines and recommendations regarding the use of motor chains in such conditions. Additionally, proper ventilation and environmental controls should be considered to minimize the impact of high temperatures or humidity on the chain’s performance.

motor chain

Can a motor chain be repaired if it gets damaged?

Yes, in some cases, a motor chain can be repaired if it gets damaged. However, the repairability of a motor chain depends on the extent and type of damage. Here are some common types of motor chain damage and their potential repair options:

1. Chain elongation: If the motor chain has experienced elongation due to wear or improper tension, it may be possible to adjust the tension or remove a damaged link to restore the chain’s length. However, excessive elongation may indicate significant wear and require chain replacement.

2. Broken or damaged links: If a few links in the motor chain are broken or damaged, it may be possible to replace those specific links or repair them using chain repair tools or specialized techniques. However, if the damage is extensive or affects multiple links, it is generally more cost-effective to replace the entire chain.

3. Cracked or damaged plates: If the chain plates are cracked or significantly damaged, repair may not be feasible or advisable. Cracked plates compromise the chain’s strength and integrity, and replacing the chain is usually the recommended solution.

4. Damaged pins or bushings: If the pins or bushings in the motor chain are damaged or worn out, they can sometimes be replaced individually using appropriate tools and techniques. However, if the damage is extensive or affects multiple pins or bushings, it is best to replace the chain.

It’s important to note that attempting repairs on a motor chain requires knowledge and expertise in chain repair techniques. It is recommended to consult a professional or the chain manufacturer for guidance on whether a repair is possible and advisable based on the specific damage and chain type.

motor chain

What are the different types of motor chains available?

Motor chains come in various types, each designed to meet specific requirements of different applications. Here are some common types of motor chains:

1. Roller Chains: Roller chains are the most common type of motor chain. They consist of inner and outer plates connected by rollers. These chains are known for their high strength, durability, and ability to handle heavy loads. Roller chains are widely used in industries such as automotive, industrial machinery, and agriculture.

2. Silent Chains: Silent chains, also known as inverted-tooth chains, feature tooth-shaped plates that engage with each other. They provide smooth and quiet operation, making them suitable for applications requiring low noise levels. Silent chains are commonly used in precision machinery, printing presses, and automotive timing systems.

3. Leaf Chains: Leaf chains have flat, interlocking plates connected by pins. They are primarily used in lifting and hoisting applications, such as forklifts and cranes. Leaf chains are known for their high tensile strength and resistance to fatigue.

4. Conveyor Chains: Conveyor chains are specifically designed for conveying materials in conveyor systems. They feature large, wide plates to support the load and provide smooth movement. Conveyor chains are used in industries such as mining, food processing, and packaging.

5. Timing Chains: Timing chains are used in engines to synchronize the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. They have precise tooth profiles that ensure accurate timing of valve operation. Timing chains are commonly found in automotive engines and other internal combustion engines.

6. Specialty Chains: There are also specialized motor chains designed for specific applications. Examples include escalator chains, bicycle chains, motorcycle chains, and marine chains.

Motor chains are available in different sizes, materials, and configurations to suit specific requirements. It is important to select the appropriate chain type based on factors such as load capacity, speed, environment, and application-specific needs.

China supplier C2120 C2122 H Factory Price 76.2mm Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain with K1 K2 Attachment  China supplier C2120 C2122 H Factory Price 76.2mm Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain with K1 K2 Attachment
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