Wholesale China Products Conveyor Belt Supplier and High Demand Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Wholesale China Products Conveyor Belt Supplier and High Demand Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

China wholesale custom rubber oil resistant conveyor belting and din common oil resistant conveyor belt

Information of Oil resistant conveyor belt maker

Acid/ Alkali resistant conveyor belt is appropriate for the acid and alkali make contact with condition, eg phosphoric fertilizer, abstracts salt from sea drinking water The masking layer rubber is the mixture of rubber and plastic and crammed with acid resistant and alkali resistant inert resources, which is much better than LDR acid and alkali resistant conveyer belt. The framework content is EP canvas, is a lot more reputable and far more alkali resistant and the cotton canvas core belt. CZPTly it is created into dng formed.

The masking rubber layer of the oil resistant conveyor belt utilizes the NBR rubber with high articles of acrylonitrile and uses cotton, nylon or EP as the stong layer, which is ideal for transferring oily supplies or some sorts of oily issue(excluding gasoline and solvent oil).

It has the edge of Iow shifting price of quantity, higher depth conservation charge, wide range of use.


Oil resistant conveyor belt carries parts and components coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants, soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials. Materials containing nonpolar organic solvents and fuel. Oil resistant conveyor belt compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber with good resistance to the damaging effects encountered when conveying oil contaminated or treated materials. Overlay glue is NBR which has good oil resistance According to consumer’s ordering we choose strengthen material.


Break the intensity 


Break extension rate 


Wearing and tearing


LO ≥14. ≥350 ≤200
DO ≥16. ≥350 ≤160
LO–Oily conveyer belt under the general condition
DO–Conveyer belt under the shock resistant and oily condition.




Experimental condition 

in soaking the liquidm

Rate of change 

of the volume 


Oil number in GB


Soaking temperature 


Soaking time


1 Oil No.2 70±2 70- 20 -5
two Oil No.3 70±2 70- 50 5
3 Oil No.3 100±2 22±0.twenty five 50 five
   Notes:one of oil proof testing is ok.


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Wholesale China Products Conveyor Belt Supplier and High Demand Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt