Wh78HD Narrow near me Series Welded Crank-L wholesaler ink Mill Chain

Product Description

ANSI ANSI Chain NO.  Pith Roller diameter Bush diameter Sidebars Pin length UItimate  tensile strength   Average tensile strength  Weight per meter
P b1(min) b2(max) D(MAX) h T d L1 L2 Q min Q0   q
mm mm mm mm mm mm  mm mm mm kN/Ibf kN kg/m
WH78 66.27 28.40 51.00 22.23 28.60 6.40 12.70 36.30 39.50 160 15.6 5.92

Products are made of high quality alloy steel production. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technology. The pin, bush, roller are machined by high-efficiency automatic equipment and automatic grinding equipment, then through heat treatment of carburization, carbon and nitrogen protection mesh belt furnace, surface blasting process etc. Assembled precision by Internal hole position, spin riveted by pressure to ensure the performance of the entire chain.
Why choose us
1. We are the manufacture.
2. We have near 30 years experience of making chains and chain links.
3. Our design team has extensive experience in the chain design.
4. Best service and prompt delivery.
5. We offer CZPT styles, size and colors to meet your requirement.
6. We covering a production area of 18750 square meters have more than 200 employees and we have a complete set of testing equipment to ensure CZPT quality.