Short Pitch near me Drivin factory g Chain on Coupling, Industrial Roller Chain Coupling

Product Description

CZPT , made by machining, heat treatment, quenching + tempering and superficial treatment, brunofix.
Types: Roller chain couplings, HRC CZPT , L-coupling, EL-coupling
Chain coupling composed of 2 CZPT s, Double Strand Roller Chain, 2 cases.

Roller Chain couplings are capable of transmitting relatively high torques in a minimum of space.

Roller Chain CZPT s are used to connect two shafts, a reducer, or a motor directly to a machine for efficient CZPT transmissions. CZPT is simple, it consist of a combination of only three basic parts; One coupling roller chain and two coupling sprockets.

Coupling Details
Size: 3012, 4012,4014,4016,5014,5016,5018
TYPE A: 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B……
TYPE B: 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B……
TYPE C: 06B, 08B, 10B, 12B, 16B……

Material Mild steel
cast steel
cast iron
forged steel
stainless steel
alloy(alloy steel,aluminium alloy,zn alloy)


  • Long performing life
  • Heat resistance
  • Crack proof


  • Good physical properties.
  • Easy installation.
  • Technical Data
  • Operating conditions
  • Temperature: 40~+100°C
  • Torque: 22.42500NM
  • Material: CPU/TPU
  • Hardness: 98Shore A
  • Color:Red or CZPT