PU PVC Belt Chain Conveyor with Ce Certifi price best cates

Product Description

Product Description   

The unpowered roller conveyor relies on the roller to complete the transportation, which is suitable for the transportation of all kinds of boxes, bags, pallets and other pieces of goods.The unpowered roller conveyor is mainly composed of rollers, supporting legs, pulling supports, regulating feet and other components.

It is easy to connect and filter between the unpowered roller conveyors, and the complex logistics transportation system can be composed of several roller conveyor lines and other conveyors or special machines to meet CZPT technological needs.The unpowered roller conveyer is suitable for transporting goods with flat bottom.It has the characteristics of large amount of conveyors, CZPT speed and easy operation, and it can realize multiple kinds of common line distributary conveyors. It is the most widely used type of conveyors.


Powerless roller conveyer

Machine frame optional material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Roller material: galvanized carbon steel, chrome plated carbon steel, carbon steel
, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PVC, ABS, etc

Please confirm the following technical parameters:

1. Length, width and height of the conveying object;

2. CZPT ght of each conveying unit;

3. Bottom condition of the conveyor;

4. Whether there are special working environment requirements (such as humidity, high temperature, influence of chemicals, etc.);

5. The conveyor is fixed or mobile;

6. CZPT special CZPT ization requirements;

Packing & Delivery   

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