China Industrial Leaf Chain Bl Series motor chain



Leaf chain including BL Series, AL series and LL series.
We make various kinds of chains like the conveyor chain, transmission chain, industrial chain and so on
1) Model numbers: LH0822 ~ LH4088, BL1022 ~ BL2088, LL0822 ~ LL4888, AL322 ~AL1688

Type LH0834(BL434)
Pitch 12.7mm
chain lacing 3*4
plate depth 12.07
plate thickness 2.08
pin diameter 5.09
pin length 17.4
ultimate tensile strength 33.4/7991KN/LB
Weight per meter 1.12

Features: high-strength,high-quality material,multi-plate combination(different tensile according to different plate combination).
Application: used in forklift,hoist,printing,sky stacker and car parking systems..crane,machine tool,steep-lifting and traction equipment…etc.
Operation requirement: heavy load,low-speed and rust protection environment.
1,stainless steel table top conveyor chains.
2,Heavy loads and abrasive surface.
3,Generally purpose conveyor.

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