OEM Automatic Perforated Interleaved Lacing Garbage Bag Making Machine

OEM Automatic Perforated Interleaved Lacing Garbage Bag Making Machine

This device features:
The machine is effectively-assembled and assembled with realistic visual appeal and sensible construction. The complete equipment runs efficiently and has minimal sound. The PLC double servo traction control is adopted, so that the resources on the discharge and the elevated frame are continuously pulled CZPT by the third traction motor at a continuous velocity. Temperature computer centralized management minimizes energy consumption. The intermediate tension floating roller adopts the dynamic compensation method, so that it fluctuates up and down throughout the pulling method, and the intermediate tension manage is secure.
Equipment function: three aspect sealing
Principal electrical configuration: traction two servo motor, with Panasonic PLC, major drive inverter push Circulation motor, temperature manage fourteen way, unwinding constant stress.
Appropriate for base materials: plastic composite movie these kinds of as BOPP, CPP, PET, PVC, nylon, and many others.
Multi-layer co-extruded film, aluminized composite film, paper-plastic composite film, pure aluminum foil composite movie.

Mechanical highest conquer: a hundred and fifty occasions / min

Proportions: 9000 × 1900 × 1950 mm (duration × width × peak)
Device excess weight: 5800KGS

Particulars Gear:

Title title Design amount From
Traction element Traction motor 1KW,1.5KW 2sets Panasonic
Pneumatic Elements     ZheJiang Airtac
Principal drive part reducer 1:13 1set German SEW
inverter three.7KW 1set Yaskawa
Feeding part Inverter .75KW 1set Yaskawa

Manage part

PLC   1set Panasonic
Touch screen 10.2inch 1set ZheJiang weinview
Reliable Relay   12pcs ZheJiang MIRO
Magnetic powder brake 2.5 1set ZheJiang
Main manage cupboard CZPT photocell 1set China
CZPT part Joint bearing     Korea
Transmission bearing     haerbin
Photoelectric tracking section photocell   1pc Italy
  2pcs China


OEM Automatic Perforated Interleaved Lacing Garbage Bag Making Machine