Mz1610c W sales oodw factory orking Chain Mortising Machine Vertical Slot Mortiser Machine for Wood

Product Description

MZ1610C woodworking chain mortising machine vertical slot mortiser machine for wood

Product Description

name chain mortising machine
model no MZ1610C
spindle speed 2840r/min
power 2.2kw
max slotting deepth 100mm
max slotting width 25.4mm
worktable lateral movement distance 400mm
worktable CZPT itudinal movement distance 200mm
max distance of worktable and drill bit 400mm
overall dimensions 600*860*1470mm

1,It is made of excellent materials, and it is also suitable for forming and milling of wood and trenching.
2,The use of motors that meet international standards is lighter and more secure when in use.
3,Pneumatic lifting is CZPT er and more convenient.
4,The table can be adjusted in angular position with an adjustable angle of 0-30°.
Detailed Description

Detailed Pictures
This machine is mainly used for square or rectangular groove processing of parts or components such as wood and wooden frames. It differs from the drill press mainly in the use of special tools, which are made up of a combination of a drill bit and a square chisel, which is mounted in a hollow square chisel. During the machining, while the drill bit is rotating, the hollow square chiseling is used for the reciprocating feed motion, thereby processing the desired square or rectangular groove.
Packaging & CZPT
Company Information
1,Can you offer good price with fine quality also?

Surely,if without quality,we cannot win CZPT market.we will loose CZPT -terms CZPT ers.Quality is CZPT responsibility.we must produce and test machine well.Becasue we are always expecing CZPT term business.Regarding the price.
we are not sure if it is lowest or highest,But we will be offering reasonble.We don’t want heavy profits,we want a acceptable price to you,and we are expecting a bigger quantities of sales for different wood machines.

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3,What’s your warranty? can you do more service for us? we wish woud be protected after purchasing machine.

We are pleased to give life continious aftersales service. within 12 months, if spareparts broken,we will send you new for change. we would like to help to solve any troubles when you use machine at any time.and don’t be worried,we will keep opening 24 hours for all CZPT ers problem or difficilaty. we must help to make solutions within 48 hours.

4,What’s your production time? we want CZPT er shipping time also.

Mostly machine we have in stock, some machine we produce need about 7-10days. make CZPT shipment always. shipping time depends on shipping company.