Manual Carton Stitching Machine Servo Motor

Manual Carton Stitching Machine Servo Motor


CZPT Parameter

Product Stapling Speed Stapling Thickness  Stretching Length of the 
holding Arm
Exterior Dimension Excess weight
DX-600 250 s/min 3/5   ply 600 mm 1100x600x1760 300KG
DX-900 250 s/min 3/five/7  ply 900 mm 1400x600x1760 400kg
DX-1200 250 s/min 3/5/7  ply 1200mm 1700x700x1820 600kg
DX-1400 250 s/min three/5/7  ply 1400mm 1900x700x1820 800kg
DX-1800 250 s/min 3/5/7  ply 1800mm 2300x700x1820 1000kg

Device introduction

Our factory is a specialist a single producing DXJ stitch. The DXJ machine is made according to the advantaged of the exact same type of merchandise produced at

house and abroad. The machine head is structured by double eccentric gears to work jointly: the pressure angle adopts installation type which is fit for wire reduce and which is exchangeable.

All the procedure situation adopt rolling bearings. When compared to the old devices, the new machines have the subsequent qualities, this kind of as new look, quickly velocity , steady working, lower sounds, clinch and lengthy services life. This machine is very considered of by all the clients following using for a lengthy time. It’s the quite tools that is necessary in the cardboard packaging enterprise.

II .Primary parameter

Stitching fee: 250times/min
Stitching thickness:two-7 layers

Stitching fashion: 45°double standing stitches, solitary standing stitches, one

vertical stitches: 13mm,10mm

Specification of the flat wire:16#,17#,eighteen#,20#

Duration 1800mm,1600mm.1400mm,1200mm,900mm,800mm,700mm,600mm 800mm,1600mm.1400mm,1200mm,900mm,800mm,700mm,600mm CZPT motor electricity:.37KW,.25KW

Major construction:
stitchers: the machine is created of HT20-forty which is casted and processed by equipment tools and the foundation, the up appropriate post, the bracket and the beam are linked by bolts to make confident the equipment mattress is fixed well enough.

this device is created of international channel steel and jointed by

innovative engineers. The traits are as follows: the complete device mattress is great at enduring wallops and pulls. Furthermore , the whole equipment bed can never be out of form, with modest volumes, effortless to carry, and prolonged provider lifestyle, it’s tiny and beautiful and one of the most advanced processing techniques.

Brackets: the bracket is geared up with alloy mould with double round area. The placement of the round locations and the dasher are in the very same line, the dasher can make the sew into the cardboard and cooperate with the mould and stitches by way of the cardboard connecting the box strongly, loosen the four screws, and get your perfect end result of the area amongst the mould and the intersecting knives in accordance to the thickness if the cardboard.

Clutch: this clutch works with each other with the foot board, the chain and the path button. when the device head wants to operate, step on the foot board and the chain makes the shifting fork transfer down, then allow the clutch and the large belt roller trapped to make the major roller stops working, the motor makes the massive belt roller do idle running.



Manual Carton Stitching Machine Servo Motor