Low Price Hydraulic Standand Sheet Metal Brake Machine

Low Price Hydraulic Standand Sheet Metal Brake Machine

reduced price  hydraulic standand sheet metallic brake machine

hydraulic  Press Brake 

HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Device Resource Co., Ltd is 1 of the Best three push brake and shearing equipment in China, which specializing in production and advertising and marketing of press brake,shearing machine,push machine, sq. duct production line LINE5,four,three,two,1spiral duct device, locking forming machinefolding machine,plasma cutting equipment, energy push,ironworker,hydraulic notching device, beading machine,flange forming device,shearing machine & press brake,Blade/Mildew, etc.


Company Name (producer):     HangCZPT Shanduan CNC Equipment Resource Co., Ltd.
Brand:    YSDCNC
Tel: 571-57262305 Mobile phone: 18851629789

one. Overall performance Attributes:
The complete composition of the hydraulic folding machine:
– Totally CZPTpean layout,streamlined seeking,Body: is made up of appropriate and remaining wall boards, functioning table, oil box, slot metal and and many others. The tension of the welded parts can be eliminated by vibration. The equipment enjoys substantial accuracy and high strength and
can be transported very easily
– Welded composition: the anxiety of the welded areas can be eradicated by vibration so this forging push offers large accuracy.
– Substantial precision,higher efficiency,straightforward and practical operation,great efficiency, favorable cost and ideal service.
1. CZPT method:
– Undertake built-in hydraulic handle program, more reliable and simple for maintenance. The hydraulic technique is made up of motor, oil pump and valve teams and it is installed at the leading of the oil box.
– CZPTy total operating cycle can be achieved by way of the manage of hydraulic valve.The distant adjustment valve can adjust the doing work force at the proper facet of the wall board.
– All seals in cylinder is imported,the most popular manufacturer,good quality and large performance
– Overload overflow protection is outfitted to hydraulic system,which can assure no leakage,and the oil degree can be read or noticed straight
2. CZPTal program and the protection interlock:
– CZPTal elements are imported or from Sino-foreign joint Venture,in accordance with global specifications,reputable security,long daily life,great anti-interference potential,a radiation unit is equipped in electrical cupboard.
– Protecting fence and the security interlock to ensure the operation basic safety. Have a movable single-hand pedal change,effortless to work.
– The equipment by the CZPTpean Union CE certification and ISO top quality program certification
three. Synchro manage program:
– Slide syncho technique: adopt metal torsion bar synchro system, basic in construction and substantial in precision
– 2 finishes of slide has 2 synchro fork which make,The system uses higher die compensation to improve the brake precision.
– The worktable adopts the specific design and style,minimizing the crowning distortion sum of decrease tool successfully.
four. Ram framework:
– Upper stroke layout for bending,minimal sound,stable running scenario.
– Can move the ram up little by little,which enables the operator to control perform piece conveniently.
– CZPT fixing-surface area of the upper resource can be conference with the clamping necessity of the resource farthest.
– Individual sectional clamping bars are provided as regular equipment in purchase to securely fasten limited dies.

two. Major CZPT Configuration:
·· SIEMENS motor
·· Xihu (West Lake) Dis. hydraulic technique
·· YSDCNC Dies
··German EMB joint
··NOK  Sealing ring
··Zhengtai CZPT Factors

           Type                        Item WC67K-100T/3200 WC67K-100T/4000 WC67K-125T/3200 WC67K-125T/4000 WC67K-160T/3200 WC67K-160T/4000 WC67K-200T/3200 WC67K-200T/4000
Nominal Force a thousand one thousand 1250 1250 1600 1600 2000 2000
Worktable width 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000
Poles Daistance 2600 3000 2580 3000 2600 3000 2600 3000
Tnroat Depth 320 320 320 320 320 320 320 320
Slide Travel one hundred twenty one hundred twenty one hundred twenty 120 200 200 200 200
Nax Open 370 370 370 370 460 460 460 460
Motor power 7.5 seven.5 seven.five seven.five 11 eleven 11 11
Dimension L 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000 3200 4000
W 1600 1600 1600 1600 1700 1700 1950 1950
H 2600 2700 2600 2700 2700 2800 2800 2800
Bodyweight 5600 6500 6000 7000 8500 10000 11500 12500

Key CZPT configuration list:

1 HYDRAULIC Program 1set  

Xihu (West Lake) Dis.

2 motor
three joint
1set German EMB
four Sealing ring 1set NOK
5 Key electrical elements
1set zhengtai

Random equipment/documents:

Serial No. Identify Quantity Remark
1 Major device 1 Such as 1 set of upper and lower die, front plate holder and foot swap
2 Grease gun one  
3 Button key two  
four Crucial to door lock 2  
five Solution directions one  
6 certification of top quality 1  
7 Packing list one  
eight Basis bolt 4 sets Which includes nuts and washers
nine O-type sealing ring sixteen  

hydraulic Press Brake 

Low Price Hydraulic Standand Sheet Metal Brake Machine