Hydraulic Underground Wire Line Diamond Core Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Underground Wire Line Diamond Core Drilling Rig

CZPT Underground Wire Line Diamond Main Drilling Rig

CZPT Introduction                                                 

HFU-3A full hydraulic underground core drilling machine is mostly utilized in the fields of coal, geology, metallurgy and engineering. It is employed for drilling massive diameter Gas suction gap in mines, gallery as well as coal mine, drinking water injection gap, and large diameter Horizontal hole. It can meet the huge diameter Roller drilling, difficult tungsten-carbide drilling and percussive-rotary drilling.

Major Functions                                                            

1. It is individual in structure, little in dimensions, light in fat, versatile in motion and hassle-free in operation.
two. The hydraulic pump is pushed by explosion-proof electrical motor via functioning program, then the hydraulic pump enforces hydraulic motor to make drill head rotate, and at the exact same time, the movement of drill head is realized by oil cylinder & chain double speed mechanism.
3. CZPT chuck can fulfill the purpose of shackles and power-off protection.
four. The sliding and extending & retracting function of the mast tends to make it practical for the bottom of mast to touches the ground or platform, hence the drill rig will be much more secure.
five. The swinging arm and mast can do luffing movement, which satisfy the request of multi-angle drilling.
6. The selection of spindle rotating speed is wide and the torque is massive.

 Main CZPT Technical specs                                             

Drilling depth Φ55mm drilling rod 300m Drill rod spec Φ55*1500 mm
Φ71mm drilling rod 200m Φ71*1500 mm
The range of spindle rotating 
425~1280 rpm The max. Rotating torque 
of spindle
The working pressure 25 Mpa Spindle stroke 1600mm
The max. Lifting force of drill 
62KN The max. Feeding force 
of drill head
The sliding stoke of mast 495mm The swing angle of mast 
(still left&right)
The swing angle of arm
 (up and down)
100° Power unit YB225M-four
electric motor
45KW/1480 rpm
Dimension Main machine 
2950*950*1850 mm Weight Main machine 1000kg
Power unit
1900*980*1320 mm Power unit 1050kg
Operation cabinet
540*360*1080 mm Operation cabinet 140kg

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Hydraulic Underground Wire Line Diamond Core Drilling Rig