High Quality Customized factory Light Duty Nylon Idler Con sales veyor Rollers

Product Description

Product Description

High Quality CZPT ized CZPT Duty Nylon Idler CZPT Rollers

Competitive Price Steel Pallet CZPT System/Motorized Pallet CZPT Roller Set of PVC PH rollers Gravity Roller (Light Duty Roller) is widely used in all kinds of industry, like manufacturing line, assembly line, packaging line, conveyor machine and logistic store.

Model Tube Diameter
D (mm)
Tube Thickness
T (mm)
Roller Length
RL (mm)
Shaft Diameter
d (mm)
Tube Material Surface
φ 38 T=1.0, 1.2, 1.5 300-1600 φ 12

Carton Steel
Stainless Steel


φ 50 T=1.2, 1.5 300-1600 φ 12
φ 60  T= 1.5, 2.0 300-1600 φ 12, φ 20
φ 75 T=2.0, 2.5, 3.0 300-1600 φ 15, 
φ 80  T= 3.0 300-1600 φ 20



About roller,we can make gravity conveyor roller,steel conveyor roller,driving roller,light middle duty conveyor roller,o-belt tapered sleeve roller,gravity tapered roller,polymer sprocket roller and so on.More details,please contact us.

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