Eurocrane Factory Price Mini Electric Hoist 2000K Chain 3 best Ton Used for near me Clean Room

Product Description

Features and Advantages


Fully sealed design, special surface treatment and special anti-static coating not only can effectively prevent it from producing pollution particles, but also can prevent adsorbing  external pollution particles.


Stainless steel casing can effectively prevent metallic materials from polluting the environment caused by corrosion. The rope groove is deepened, which can make the hoisting rope orderly arrange in the rope groove without rope guide, to avoid  causing pollution by friction of hoisting rope and rope guide.

3,Wheels group

Fully sealed design , stainless steel wheel, and other parts of high surface rust prevention can effectively prevent corrosion and pollution, self-lubricating of metallic materials; self-lubricating and full sealed bearing can avoid lubrication pollution.

4,Hoisting drive

Fully sealed and high sealed reducer is free from oil leakage and pollution; high protection grade motor without fan and double sealed brake can effectively prevent the motor from producing polluting particles.

5,Hoisting rope

High-strength fiber rope, with high strength and good flexibility, will not cause wearing on the rolls and pulleys.Without lubrication and pollution.

6,Electric control cabinet

Electrical control system is designed at IP65 protection grade and the metal parts are made of stainless steel materials. The surface of connecting pieces (bolts, nuts, etc.) is prepared by Dacromet.


Grade and Standard

Chinese National Standard GB50073-2001 (equivalent to CZPT Standard ISO14644-1)

ISO Grade(N)            CZPT than or equal to maximum acceptable concentration( particle/cubic meter) of suspended particles with the particle size listed in the table.

  0.1um 0.2um 0.3um 0.5um 1um 5um
1 10 2        
2 100 24 10 4    
3 1000 237 102 35 8  
4 10000 2370 1571 352 83  
5 100000 23700 15710 3520 832 29
6 1000000 237000 157100 35200 8320 293
7       352000 83200 2930
8       3520000 832000 29300
9       35200000 8320000 293000


Our after-sales service provide:

1. 12 months warranty when products leave the factory, or 12 months warranty after installation 
     and commissioning in addition to the human damage factors.
2. 1 years spare-parts provided for better maintenance.
3.Professional technical staffs provide installation, commissioning and training services.
4.Delivery with English user manual, parts manual, product certification and other relevant certificates.
5.Technical advisory for any time and Engineers CZPT to service machinery overseas.


1, What’s information should I provide to get the price?

More parameters, such as lifting capacity, lifting height, span, CZPT supply, etc. And if you can give us your design drawing, that will be very helpful.

2, Which kind crane can you provide?

Eurocrane is a CZPT leading manufacturer with experienced designers, engineers and a 2000- people R&D team to provide all kinds crane with CZPT ized parameters.

3, What services can you provide?

We have a complete pre-sales&after-sales service system, and CZPT engineers are CZPT overseas. And we also provide training for your crane operators.

4, Which brand are the accessories and electronic components in your cranes?

We have a CZPT term cooperations with ABB, CZPT , Schneider, SEW, etc. And we have world-leading processing machines which are imported from Japan and German.

5, Do you provide crane spare parts?

Yes, of course, we can provide motors, reducers, brakes, hooks, remote controllers, wheels, crane rails, end carriages, enclosed busbar and so on.