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Product Description

The machine applies pre-tension method to produce hollow core slab on the concrete casting bed. It takes motor as drive and use reciprocating linear motion of the sliding block to transmit the mix material form hopper to the forming part of the machine. The concrete material pushing each other and excluding the air and by continuous vibration the concrete plasticizing quickly. At the same time, the reaction force produced by the sliding block pushing material, it helps the machine overcome the friction resistance and move forward and slabs being formed at the behind of the machine.



GLY150*1200 15 1.2-1.4m/min 7.5 10.24 9.5mm 14 13
GLY 180*1200 19 1-1.2m/min 9 16.16 12.7mm 10 11
GLY 200*1200 22 1-1.2m/min 10.2 13.22 12.7mm 10 8
GLY250*900 18.5KW 1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 7 6peach
GLY300*900 22KW 1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 8 5peach
GLY 220*1200 24KW 1-1.2m/min 10.5 10.9 12.7mm 9 8
GLY 250*1200 26KW 1-1.2m/min 12.6 11.1 12.7mm 10 8
GLY 300*1200
33KW 1-1.2m/min 15 10.83 12.7mm 12
We can produce the machine according CZPT ers Design for slabs.

Our CZPT ry Can Produce The Slab thickness from 50mm up to 500mm as CZPT er Request.
Large Span Hollow core slab applications:
Precast prestressed hollow core slabs, with their lightweight and thickness can cross spans exceptionally high.
According to the CZPT implementation, these slabs allow a simplification of the structure and a reduction of the building height.

Application areas:
-Office building
-Industrial buildings (factories, warehouse )
-Commercial buildings
-Public buildings
Advantages of hollow core slab:
1. A highly automated production process.
2. Smooth even bottom surfaces meaning false ceilings can be omitted.
3. CZPT sound insulation properties.
4. Because of the CZPT itudinal cores weight of the floor is reduced.
5. The voids in hollow core can be used for technical installations, i.e. ventilation conduits, plumbing and electrical pipes etc.
6. Short construction time, absence of scaffolding, high mechanical and durability performance, excellent span-depth ratio and good flexibility in design.
7. Hollow core can be designed to meet different fire class requirements.
8. Hollow core can be used with all types of supporting structures i.e. CZPT walls, skeletal concrete structures or steel frames.
9. The reduced weight of slabs gives savings in foundations and structures.
10. CZPT er spans, less support, more freedom in floor plan design.

      8.5 1.3-1.5 2100×960×720 1150


As your one-stop source, AT PRECAST,we design, manufacturer and distribute precast concrete accessories including the CZPT ing Systems and CZPT ing systems Coil and Ferrule Inserts. for Concrete and Prefabricated area.

As a leader in developing concrete accessory products, CZPT main goal is to produce products that are safer, CZPT er and more cost efficient.

With more than totally 50 years working experience, CZPT entire staff is dedicated to provide you with the best CZPT er service and competitive prices. Our sales force are able to answer your questions quickly and offer you technical support .

100% quality  manufacturing.
 We guarantee that our products meet your supplied specifications
 Extremely competitive pricing
 Delivery to your port or front door
 4 —- 8 week lead times
 We handle all paperwork
 Partial container orders
 Flexible payment options
 Unique tooling options
 Full range of packaging options from bulk to retail ready
 Complete testing services available


1. Where is your location?

We are located in HangZhou City of CZPT and are closed to Airport. It takes 30minuts by car from Liuting Airport CZPT company.

2. How CZPT has the company been established?

AT INDUSTRY was established in 2009. There is 6 years exporting experiences.

3. How many employees do you have?

Administration / sales    4
Engineering / design as CZPT partner     8
Production as CZPT partners 120
Quality assurance / inspection   10

4. Which countries do you export to?

U.S.A, Germany, France, CZPT , UK, Brazil, Middle east of Asia, Thailand,

5. What proportion of your goods are exported?

100% of CZPT production are exported to all over the world.

6. How CZPT does it take to receive samples?

a) Pattern:30-45days after order 
b) Sample:30days after pattern finishing.
c) The lead time is the general production period and does not include the transportation time.

7. New product development process

Got tooling order and sample order with 50% deposit—Hold a meeting with the relation dept. to ensure the developing schedule—Design pattern, fixture and gauge and making them in CZPT house—mold steel buying—Machining—Inspection—Send out the sample with initial inspection report.

8. How CZPT is the manufacturing lead time?

Mass Production: 90days after sample approval by yours.
The lead time is the general production period including the transportation time.
We could make some special production arrangement effectively if CZPT er has urgent need.

9. What basis can we buy goods?

We generally offer CZPT ers prices FOB& CIF (Carriage, Insurance & Freight). The CIF includes the freight cost to your nominated sea port.
We do provide clearance of goods which needs to be handled by a local freight forwarder.
All local costs and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. We are happy to offer advisement on shipping if required.

10. What are the payment terms?

Payment terms are negotiable and will improve for CZPT term CZPT ers.
During the initial stages, we request 50% of tooling fee in CZPT with the balance payable on acceptance of samples.
Production orders can be negotiable. We prefer 50% deposit and the balance by T/T before sails. But sometimes T/T 30 days after sails would also acceptable.

11. Which currency can we buy in?

We can deal in USD / CZPT currency / GBP.

12. How CZPT does it take to ship goods from CZPT by sea?

It takes about 5 weeks to CZPT pean ports plus 1 week CZPT s clearance, so you can get the container within 6 to 7 weeks. It takes about 2 weeks to east coast and 3 weeks to west coast US ports. All sea goods are shipped from HangZhou Port.

13. How CZPT does it take to ship goods from CZPT by air?

It takes about 7 days to all major destinations.

14. Can we visit the factory to conduct an audit?

Yes, you are welcome to visit CZPT partner factory by prior agreement.

15. How do we retain client confidentiality?

We are happy to sign Confidentiality Agreements with CZPT ers and will honor them.

16. Which languages do we do business in?

Although we do business with many countries around the world, we can only communicate effectively in Chinese English.
All information supplied should therefore be supplied in this form.

17. Is there a minimum volume of business required to conduct international purchasing?

There are no minimum volumes, but the prices of the goods, plus the fixed costs of importing makes it more economical to buy in high volumes. All potential CZPT ers will be assessed on an individual basis to determine if it appears a viable option for all parties to develop a relationship.

18. What type of parts you are specialized in?

Our business contains two areas,
one is for construction precast including lifting system, rigging hardware metal parts.
Another is CZPT ized metal business of quality sand castings, investment castings, lost foam castings, hot forgings, cold forgings, stampings, machined parts, injectionmolded plastics parts, etc.

19. Which kind of equipments do you have?

Forging friction press 160Ton, 300Ton, 630Ton, 1200Ton
Casting furnace of 200kg, 500kg,1000kgs, 2000kgs
Press of 63ton, 120tons
CNC Machining center
CNC Vertical Lathe
CNC Lathe center
Boring machine
Drilling machine