Concrete Chain S manufacturer aw Custom model: Lt-500

Product Description

Concrete Chain Saw

Model: LT-500
Weight: 14.5KG
Dimension: 960*310*330mm
Packing dimension: 56.5*36.5*36.5cm
Engine: Air-cooled two stroke gasoline engine
Cylinder diameter *stroke: 58*40mm
Displacement: 105.7ml
Rated CZPT /Rorating: 4.8KW/8000r/min
Transmission mode: automatic clutch direct transmission seperation speed below 2800r/min
Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. plate full length/effective length: 600mm/470mm
Product Features:  
1. Convenient to use: The machine adopts single-person portable operation and light weight.
2. Wide operation range: it can realize the operation of cutting coal seam, rock, concrete, reinforced concrete, pipeline, masonry, stone and other stone, wood, and its narrow and CZPT cutting arm can penetrate a blind hole or through hole of 500 mm at a time The molding operation is not limited. The cutting square hole is: length*width=120*120 mm.
3. Wet cutting is adopted, the water stream is ejected from the saw board at high speed and directly reaches the saw chain and the cutting object, where dust is generated.
4. CZPT security: The host is equipped with multiple protective devices to prevent personal injury. Any failure of the machine can ensure that the personal injury is not injured. In addition, when the flushing water pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, the chain saw will automatically stop working to prevent high temperature and sparks.
5. CZPT technology: The main driving element adopts high-speed motor with stable operation and high efficiency; the saw chain cutter head uses diamond sintering technology and uses laser welding, which has CZPT life, high cutting speed and low price.
6. The operation of the main machine is ergonomic: the machine is equipped with a clever CZPT -assisted frame, which automatically converts the forward thrust of the operator into the cutting force of the saw chain, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator.