Chicken Farm Chicken Breeder Ch best ain F factory eeder Equipment

Product Description

Chicken farm chicken breeder chain feeder equipment

—Breeder System

Product Description

Breeder Female Feeding Line
include two model:
1) Breeder  pan feeding for femal includes CZPT CZPT , Feed Trough, Chain/auger,  Femal Feeder Pan, Hopper, Suspension system and other necessary parts.
2) Breeder chain feeding for femal includes Drive CZPT , Feed Trough, Chain,  Hopper, Corner and other necessary parts.

3) Auger pan feeding system for male, it includes feed pipe, auger, motor, hopper, suspension system and other necessary parts.

Hi-hope select the most stable and quality drive motor to ensure the whole line stable and efficient working automatically. And the chain is from the world top chain supplier CZPT nical System. Feeder CZPT used from day one, and feeder designed with the maximum feed bearing capacity to supply more birds, meet different growing stage of female. The whole line design aim to get the best FCR.


Feed Storage and Feed Fill System
include the feed silo, flexible feed delivery auger, PVC feed delivery pipe, drive motor and other necessary parts. It’s benifit with simple, high quality and efficiency.

Feed Fill System 75mm 90mm
Max Delivery Length 60m 40m
Gear CZPT 1.1HP/1.5HP,50/60HZ, 1 PHASE/3 PHASES 1.1HP/1.5HP,50/60HZ, 1 PHASE/3 PHASES
Delivery Capacity 1400KGS/H 2500KGS/H

Nipple Drinking system Includes water pipe, regulator, nipple drinker, drip cup, suspension line, CZPT component, midcator and others.


Climate Control System Include the tunnel fans, air inlet, cooling pad & tunnel door.

1-Tunnel CZPT

Fan Model Static Pressure Air Flow Motor
  Pa In.H2O M3/H CFM Voltage(V) Frequency(HZ) Phases
54in Fiberglass Cone Fan 0 0 55000 32600 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3
12.5 0.05 53100 31300 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3
25 0.1 50800 29900 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3
50in Galvanized Cone Fan 0 0 49530 28465 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3
12.5 0.05 40194 23100 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3
25 0.1 37236 21400 220v-380v 50/60 1 or 3


2-Curved Air Inler

Static Pressure Air Flow Air Inlet
Pa In. H2O M3/H CFM Size(mm)
12 0.05 4050  2383 1100*330
25 0.1 1980 1165 1100*330

3-Evaporative CZPT System

4-Tunnel Door System

a-Special selects panel material for better insulation in different climate conditions

b-Modular panel design allows maximum flexibility in door size to match house sidewall openings

c-Better mixing the fresh cold air and hot air prevent the chicken flock away from the cold stress.

d-No more dead zone at side and end walls

e-Better guide the air flow to the center of the roof

f-Automatic controlled the opening size by the controller in different bird age.

Controller & Control Panel

The ventilation control system consists of computerized controller, tempreture sensors, humidity sensors, negtive pressure sensor and alarm system.By means of the sensors and preset tempreturers, humidity, and negative pressure, the controller can regulate tempratures, moisture, wind speed and negative pressure in the house.

Hi-hope control panel select the world top brand electronic components Schneider, siemens & ABB to enure safety of the chicken farm.

Lighting System-Dimmable

Heating system-LB White& Damly Brooder and space heater

Automatict egg collection system & Manual egg collection nest

Galvanized material for egg nest.

Plastic slat for femal area

We choose raw material with high quality and CZPT service life.


Packaging & CZPT

All the product supplied by Hi-hope are packed with the export standard packages and suitable for lone distance ocean transportation.


After Sales Service


Hi-hope have an experienced after-sales team with 20 years already. And we have a specially-assigned people orgnised all the questions feedback by CZPT valued CZPT ers. We will give a quick respond within 24 hours with your problems.


Our Advantages

Hi-Hope could offer you one stop service include:

1-Farm Design Consulting
2-Farm Layout/Design
3-Turnkey Design-Build
4-Steel Building Packages
5-Poultry Equipment Packages
6-Construction CZPT vision
7-Construction Management Service ( Just for Philippines and Indonesia Market)
8-Bio Security Facilities
9-Organic Fertilizer/Chicken Manure Treatment
10-Feed Processing Facilities & Buildings

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