Ce/CCC/EE Cost C L6e Approved Electric Cargo f near me shop or Cold Chain Delivery

Product Description

CE/CCC/EEC L6e approved electric cargo for cold chain delivery

Last HangZhous solution for city delivery&Logistics, Take-away Service,Express, CZPT market CZPT tics. Replace current auto or manual vehicles.

  1. Cold chain/takeouts delivery: for foods, vegetables, beverages, wines, daily necessities, medicines etc.
  2. Express delivery: for small-middle parcels.
  3. Others.

———-J2-C specifications

No. Configuration Item J2-C
1 Parameter L*W*H (mm) 3000*1260*1700
Axle Base(mm) 1850
Wheel Base(F/R)(mm) 1015/1045
Max. CZPT (km/h) ≥45
Max.Range (km) ≥140
Capacity(person) 1
Curb CZPT ght(kg) 420
Rate load(kg) 300
Steering Mode Middle Steering Wheel
2 Cargo Box(mm) Inner size (mm) 875*1150*995
3 Power system Motor 60V 3000W
Lithium battery 100A·h CZPT ium iron phosphate battery
Charger system Intelligent CZPT charger for lithium battery
Charging time 2-3 hours
4 Brake system Type Hydraulic system
Front Disc
Rear Drum
5 Suspension system Front McPherson Independent Suspension
Rear Spiral CZPT Integral Suspension
6 Wheel suspension Tyre Front 135/70-R12  Rear145/70-R12
Wheel hub Wheel Hub CZPT Alloy Hub
7 Function device Mutil media MP5+ Reverse  Camera
Central lock Auto Level
One Button CZPT t Auto Level
Electric door and window 2
Skylight Manual Operation
Seats Genuine CZPT


1 CKD (Completely Knocked Down) assembly, reduce CZPT s duty & Transportation cost.
2 Car-Sharing function, personal & commercial APP, can manage and monitor the vehicle.
3 Full charging time within 2 hours under home charger.
4 Cost-effective in short-distance city transportation.

———J1&J2 series
Light weight and wind resistance design, compared with traditional vehicles, the body weight 25% less, and the range increased by 30%.

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.nize configuration (one-button start, automatic lock, car-level central locking system, etc.)

Modular body, every part of the body can be disassembled and screwed for easy maintenance.

Optional automotive-grade lithium batteries more satisfy.

The body uses the new material “Engineering Resin ABS”, which has higher cushioning and toughness, and can be better protect pedestrians and drivers in the event of traffic accidents.

Thermal insulation are 30% more efficient than ferrous materials.

———-Why choose us

AC motor with auto-hold function,powerful and water proof,lower noise, no carbon brush, maintenance-free, can improve the drive range.

Large-capacity,safety and CZPT using life CZPT ium Iron Phosphate battery with BMS system.   2,000 times charging cycles(8-10 years) under working environment from -20 to 80 °C. And  equipped with a CZPT charge ,to achieve full charge within 2-3 hours.

3.Electronic Control System
Use En-power electric control system , reliable and water-proof, steadily current control makes motor output much stronger and higher efficiency. Adopt the first-class AC motor control algorithm to achieve accurate control of motor speed.

4.Front Windshield
3C certified tempered and laminated glass Improve visual effect and safety performance.

LCD display, volt meter, CZPT meter, kilometer and reverse camera,plus Bluetooth, MP5,USB connection.

6.Light System
Integral LED  headlight , Turn lights, brake lights, reverse lights. Low CZPT consumption and increase 50% more in light transmittance.

7. Plastic Cover
ABS resin , Luxury interior with sunroof. The most important  mechanical properties of ABS have excellent  comprehensive physical, impact   resistance and toughness,Stability, two-thirds lighter weight than   iron  parts.

8.Brake System
Front-disc Rear-drum,two-circuit hydraulic brake, for the higher safety and stability.

9.Suspension  System
The   CZPT axle and  suspension are  independent  suspensions, simple  structure and excellent stability. The integrated rear axle,axle housing welded by seamless steel tube, lower noise,more durable  and reliable.

10.Steering System
Use double output steering CZPT to adjust the gap automatically. there is no dead angle when rotate, Operate  will   be   more   lighter.

GB Standard Steel, the surface under pickling&Photostatting and corrosion-resistant treatment to ensure the excellent drive sense with stationary and solidity.

Adjustable seat,Genuine CZPT + CZPT Resilience PU for the comfortable and pleasant driving,

13.Tyre and Rim: CZPT Wheels Hub, Vacuum Radial Tire.

Automobile-grade,Computer Painting Mixing, Robot-painting .

15. Cargo Box–BF
The box material is a composite material of basalt fiber (BF) reinforcement.  It is a new type of inorganic environmental protection with high-performance , can be directly degraded in the environment after being discarded. With excellent properties such as electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.