Apple Strawberry Date Ozone Washing Machine

Apple  Strawberry  Date Ozone Washing Machine

A.Gear  introduction

apple/ strawberry/ day ozone washing equipment

1. The entire head sort pilot duplex style, frameless, 3-dimensional seamless high strength SUS304 stainless metal plate bending engineering.
two. Washing cyclone massage, 360 levels flip eight loop thoroughly clear.3. The vortex buffer out food, no chain, belt transmission, guarantee effective cleansing time is longer, cleansing place is greater, at the same time CZPT health corner.4. The high frequency vibration conveyor, use the higher frequency miniature vibration frequency flexible spring, Sweden import motor.five. Punching and corrugated shape bending sieve physique, classification of transmission, remove vegetable attachments, wonderful filtering hair, mi, vegetables, purify the water.
six. Two precipitation filtering water cycle program, higher effectiveness and strength conserving, avoid excessive squander of water methods.7. Substantial block designed from the ground, handy servicing, no dead Angle to cover the filth.eight. Use give expulsion-typely independent drainage technique, no complicated pipe laying, avoid 
to produce sludge trapped pipe.nine. Used for cleaning materials to operate in miscellaneous waterlogging brought on by excessive rainfall, far more totally get rid of the sediment, dust in the material, pebbles and other light-weight or less heavy clutter.ten. Swirl cleaner and vibration drop into the spiral chute is produced of stainless metal plate rolling.
11. Tank inlet remedies and sides with spray washing pipe, the high-force h2o pump of drinking water provide, by way of the jet wash pipe underneath the action of spray drinking water is the water in the tub cyclotron state content through the h2o spin CZPT, total cleansing.
twelve. The material transportation vibration waterlogging triggered by too much rainfall, water flow through the orifice circulation into the bottom of the vibrating monitor a comprehensive cycle of the water tank.
Gear Attributes of Vegetable & Fruit Washing Processing Gear
one. The spiral mixing drinking water washing vegetable materials, lengthen the cleaning route, to save water.
2. Materials with circulation discharge, minimize the mechanical damage.
three. The h2o movement via the pump, manual management valve, applies to the proportion of different substance to cleanse.
4. At the bottom of the tub with sediment precipitation tank, separation movement in the mud, impurities, handy for centralized storage, emissions.
5. Automatic h2o amount manage alarm method, real-time monitoring of the tub drinking water level, supplies the omni-directional safeguard.
6. Adjustable course fault current cleansing spray gadget and satisfies the requirement of numerous types of vegetables processing.Committed to the floating content cleaning, by means of mutual crisscross hedge water cleansing, resources turn out to be curve movement, prolong the cleaning route, to conserve water.
7. Alter the supporting ft, worthy of lower equipment amount.
eight. Rotor cage to miscellaneous unit, utilised for automatic exhaust noise deinsectization, rotating the separation flow cylinder surface worm miscellaneous, the discharge port.
Perform and configuration of Vegetable & Fruit Washing Processing Equipment
1. Materials cleansing and in removing impurity.
two. Automatic drinking water level control alarm method.
three. To cage device.
4. Adjustable path much more wrong streaming spray cleaning system.
five. Give expulsion-typely independent drainage method.
B.Tools parameters

Type Electrical power DIMENSION output Warranty
LJ-2000 twelve.5kw 15000*1200*1650mm 2000kg/h one year

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Apple  Strawberry  Date Ozone Washing Machine