Air Fans simple structure DC motor exhaust mini blower

Air Fans simple structure DC motor exhaust mini blower

Air-Suspension centrifugal blower

Air suspension centrifugal blower characteristics the rewards of strength-conserving, minimal sound, oil-cost-free, basic and trustworthy procedure, straightforward servicing, semi-long term support lifestyle, and so forth.
Applied Selection
It is suitable for the sewage treatment market, foods and drug industry, petrochemical market, textile business, printing and dyeing industry, metallurgy business, coal chemical market, cement and development materials sector, and other industries.

Detalis Parameter:

Design Quantity Movement Exhaust Stress Motor(kw) L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Bodyweight(kg)
ZK22 17-31m³/min thirty-80Kpa 22 1350 seven hundred 1100 330
ZK37 22-47m³/min thirty-100Kpa 37 1350 seven hundred 1100 550
ZK55 28-72m³/min 30-120Kpa fifty five 1500 850 1400 650
ZK75 36-100m³/min thirty-120Kpa seventy five 1500 850 1400 seven-hundred
ZK90 48-120m³/min thirty-120Kpa ninety 1500 850 1400 750
ZK110 58-136m³/min 30-120Kpa a hundred and ten 1900 900 1650 850
ZK160 eighty five-214m³/min thirty-120Kpa a hundred and sixty 1900 900 1650 a thousand
ZK185 ninety six-230m³/min 30-120Kpa 185 1900 900 1650 1050
ZK220 114-268m³/min thirty-120Kpa 220 2100 1200 2000 1300
ZK315 154-365m³/min thirty-120Kpa 315 2300 1600 2000 1600
ZK400 230-415m³/min 30-100Kpa 400 2500 1600 2000 2000
ZK450 265-505m³/min 30-100Kpa 450 2700 1900 2000 2000

Air-Suspension Blower
Product Introduction
Turbo blower by the air bearings, motor foundation, everlasting magnet synchronous motor, frequency conversion controller, self-cooling technique composition, and is equipped with air filtration gear and vent valve silencer. Thanks to the air suspension bearing technology, blower bearing friction, vibration, heat-dissipating potential is small, under eighty-decibel noise, consequently, no lubricating oil system.

– No want any oil
– No Vibration
– Low noise (75db-80db)
– No routine maintenance (just require to modify the Air Filter)

High-effectiveness frequency converter and (BLDC) long term magnet brushless dc motor.
– Reduce electricity bills by 30-50% when compared to the roots blower.
– Cut the electric power invoice by 20% in comparison with the authentic centrifugal blower.
– Semi-permanent life span

Undertake higher-performance stainless steel 630 impeller.
– Impeller life span can preserve thirty years
– Impeller efficiency can catch ninety two%

Item Feature
one. High performance and considerable energy preserving.
The higher-efficiency impeller and the super higher-pace motor adopt the immediate link of the air bearing to get rid of the gearbox and lubrication system, CZPT mechanical speak to, no vibration, low noise, no need for sound insulation.
Employing BLDC motor and variable frequency speed handle technique, adjust the speed management stream and force, and sustain high efficiency in the selection of the functioning stream of the fan.

two. Help save area and minimize expense in ancillary services.
The smallest wind device space area The products has light-weight, simple foundation development and no lifting device for installation. At the same time, you can decide on the hassle-free arrangement mode according to the need, such as blowing the blower room right on the aeration pool, preserving the pipeline expenditure, and decreasing the loss of pipe resistance.

3. Basic operation and higher diploma of automation.
The admirer itself conducts self-verify on the pace, strain, temperature, and movement price, which can avert the surge purpose, and can comprehend automated. In the operating location of the admirer, the quantity flow and exhaust stress is altered freely according to the exterior control sign.
No nearby control cupboard and delicate starter cupboard The admirer by itself integrates the regional handle technique The major handle panel set up by the wind equipment area can instantly change the strain, circulation, control opening and difficulty alarm through the pc CPU, to recognize one and a number of simultaneous automatic management procedure. The identical time can manage by the remote central manage area.
The pertinent technical staff by means of basic coaching, according to the method of the operation manual. The supporter can be automatically place into procedure and comprehend unmanned operation.

4. Large-reliability tools.
Making use of two major technologies systems, ultra-higher-velocity (BLDC) motor, and HAFB (Hydro-Dynamic Air Foil CZPT) dynamic pressure Air CZPT technology (elimination to gearbox, oil street lubrication program, and difficult management technique failure).
The crucial situation adopts exceptional supplies (The impeller adopts the SS630 higher power stainless steel and the axial titanium metal substance).
Via standardized generation, guarantee the tools overall performance is steady and exceptional, high dependability. 

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Air Fans simple structure DC motor exhaust mini blower