80mm 90V NEMA 34 DC Brush Motor

80mm 90V NEMA 34 DC Brush Motor


Specific Developed Magnets for High dynamice torque with cheapest cogging torque.
* Nema 34 IEC 56/B14 mounting flange
* RoHS Compliance
* Employed for Servo/Travel application
* Voltage 90V and Max. Speed 6000rpm
* Insulation Course: F With UL certificate per ask for
* Constant Torque from .5Nm to 1.58Nm
* 2 Poles Ceramic Magnet Construction with Reduced Cogging
* Higher High quality ball bearing in both front and rear endcap
* Steady Responsibility
* Externally Replaceable Brush Framework



Attribute diagram

Special shaft and other mechanical characteristic are optional.

80mm 90V NEMA 34 DC Brush Motor