8 Inch Brushless Motorized Wheelchair Hub Motor with Electro Magentic Brake & Joystick Lever

8 Inch Brushless Motorized Wheelchair Hub Motor with Electro Magentic Brake & Joystick Lever

We are a single OEM Company for different  brushless wheelchair motors, strong golfing trolley motor, DC electric powered wheelchair motor, automated sliding door motor, lure equipment motor and  dump truck tarp motor etc.

Product Functions:
Primarily based on present market demand from customers, we, independently designed the value-successful DC brushless wheelchair controller system, and its principal characteristics are as follows:
1. Brushless motor, substantial efficiency, long operating liftspan, cost-free of maintenance
two. One-phase gear energy transmission, reduced decline and lengthy driving variety
three. Adaptive 8 inches, 10inches and 12inches inflate-totally free tyle
four. Rectangle plate set up, compatible with a assortment of designs
5. Pace and power of the motor at end users alternative


Brushless wheelchair motor
Merchandise Price
Rated Power 180W
Rated Voltage 24V dc
Insulation Class F Class
No-load Speed 2400rmp
No-load Output Speed 175 rmp
CZPTting Current ≤2.2A max
No-load Current ≤1.1A
Reducer Speed Ratio seventeen:01
Electromagnetic Brake 3N.m, 24V DC
Wheel diameter 8 inch, 10inch12.5 inch

Positive aspects of hub motors:
one. Omitting a great deal of transmission components, generating a lot more easy construction.
     The automobile with hub motor will get much better area, utilization and larger transmission efficiency.
2. Obtaining kinds complicated driving method.
     It can very easily obtain the FWD (Entrance Wheel Drive), RWD(Rear Wheel Generate) or 4 wheel drive(Four Wheel Push) form. Full-time 4-wheel drive will be easy in motor vehicle with hub motor.
three. Utilizing a selection of new vitality vehicle engineering easily.
     Nowadays, far more and a lot more power automobile makes use of electrical travel, so hub motor generate performs an essential function. No make a difference all-electric battery, gas mobile battery bus or EREV(Prolonged-Variety CZPT Vehicle), hub motor is suitable, also for hybrid CZPT Motor vehicle.

Special motors can be CZPT per your demands.
Encoder and gear box can be mounted.

Our company variety is supplied to these merchandise as below:
one.Planetary reducer, PMDC Motor, brushless DC motor, and transmission elements etc, these are fabricated from our motor manufacturing unit.
two. Roller chain, conveyor chain, flat top chain, silent chain, drag chain and so on, these are provided from our chain push factory.

HangCZPT CZPT TRADE CO., LTD is dependable for exporting the over goods, and we also import some essential merchandise from oversea markets.
Our company has received the right of import and export from the Federal government office.
It is necessary to get your specific necessity when making contact with us, for example of motor, voltage, electrical power, velocity, output torque, connecting kind and dimensions of shaft, exterior construction drawing or pertinent pictures and so forth. And then we will give the accurate offers.
Therefore, hope to get your feedback before long.

8 Inch Brushless Motorized Wheelchair Hub Motor with Electro Magentic Brake & Joystick Lever