6600V 10000V Vertical Squirrel-Cage Motor for Axial Flow Pump

6600V 10000V Vertical Squirrel-Cage Motor for Axial Flow Pump

YLKK series vertical large-voltage axial stream pump motor is a squirrel-cage a few-phase asynchronous motor. This series of motors is a new era of original JSL and YL series motors. The motor has increased protection stage than YL vertical higher-voltage motor. The axial drive is increased, and the merchandise base adopts total steel plate welding, the rotor punching plate adopts particular groove shape style, the rotor adopts innovative technologies at property and overseas, and at the exact same time, the bearing device of the motor and the end ring integral molding and many others. The software of engineering makes the whole merchandise framework more robust and a lot more secure, and satisfies the recent need for vertical higher-voltage motors that are subjected to huge axial forces and security amounts.
YLKK sequence vertical axial movement pump particular motor has the advantages of high protection grade, compact structure, gentle fat, excellent rigidity, strong practicability, substantial efficiency and excellent insulation efficiency.
YLKK collection vertical substantial-voltage motor composition and set up type is IMV1, motor cooling method is IC611 or IC616, IC81W a few types, from the motor shaft extension conclude, the motor primary junction box is on the motor base aspect, the junction box has a separate The grounding terminal, the temperature measuring outlet box is located on the opposite facet, and can also be set up in accordance to the user’s demands, which can be specified when ordering. The route of motor rotation is optional, but it can not be reciprocated or reversely braked. This series of motors can be produced into moist tropical sort, dry tropical variety outside kind, outdoor different anti-corrosion variety. The motor is typically manufactured of a one shaft extension and can be made into a double shaft extension in accordance to the demands of the user.
YLKK sequence vertical axial stream pump specific motor can be divided into two types of bearing composition: rolling bearing and sliding bearing in accordance to whether the motor requirements to bear the axial thrust or the axial thrust. The reduced bearing framework is a sliding bearing. The motors with rolling bearing composition have non-stop refueling and oil draining products.

Frame amount range: H355-H630
Energy variety: 185KW-2000KW
Voltage: 6KV/6.6KV/10KV/11KV
Amount of poles: 4/six/eight/ten/twelve
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Protection amount: IP54, IP55
Cooling method: IC611, IC616/IC81W
Insulation class: Course F
Doing work technique: S1
Wiring technique: Y
This type of motor is ideal for use in environments in which the ambient temperature is -15~+forty levels Celsius, the altitude is not more than 1000m, indoor or outdoor, and no dangerous fuel setting.

The vertical large-voltage motor of YLKK series axial stream pump has the advantages of lovely form, simple composition, large safety degree, substantial performance and strength saving, reduced sound, little vibration and secure and reliable use.

There are a lot of sorts of motor items made and marketed by our business. The primary merchandise are substantial- and reduced-voltage 3-period asynchronous motors. The motor construction kinds include squirrel-cage sort and winding variety. Amid them, high-voltage synchronous motors largely support air compressors and mine ball mill gear. use. We adhere to the support tenet of “emphasis on merchandise, support with coronary heart” and offer large-good quality motor products to buyers.

Our company’s motor producing factory adheres to the notion of environmentally friendly, efficient and strength-saving generation provider, pays attention to the harmonious development of internal and external environment, builds environmentally friendly motor manufacturing enterprises, strictly implements motor standard method, and selects large-high quality strength-preserving supplies to make sure the quality of motor merchandise.

The company insists on providing substantial-good quality motor goods and companies to customers, and has won higher praise from a lot of domestic and international buyers. The business will receive numerous overseas retailers to pay a visit to our factory each year, and create a very good cooperative relationship through on-web site inspection of our manufacturing unit. Our business often welcomes customers to pay a visit to our manufacturing unit.


6600V 10000V Vertical Squirrel-Cage Motor for Axial Flow Pump