30kw 40HP 380V 400V 3000rpm 3 Phase Induction Brushless AC Motor

30kw 40HP 380V 400V 3000rpm 3 Phase Induction Brushless AC Motor


YJTG Sequence Invert-Fed Velocity Adjustable 3 Section Asynchronous Induction Motor



Energy:  .55kw – 315KW
Voltage:  380V
Velocity:  600RPM/750RPM/1000RPM/1500RPM/3000RPM
Poles:  two/4/six/eight/10 poles
Security Diploma:  IP44/IP54
Cooling strategy:  IC416
Insulation Class:  F
Duty:  S1
Package:  Export Picket Package deal
Payment:  30% in progress, stability by T/T or L/C at sight


YJTG200L1-2, 30KW, 380V/400V, 3000r/min, IC416, IP44/IP54, F Insulation

Item Description

YJTG series variable-frequency adjustable-pace asynchronous motor is the new technology of variable-frequency adjustable-velocity motor, which is developed base on the YJT variable-frequency adjustable-speed motor. In the element of electromagnetism design and style, we adjust the rotor slots, the winding sample, and the link, so that the motor enable to be equipped by the transducer electricity resource. Meanwhile, the layout could assure the overload capacity of the motor when high frequency and it could preserve the exact same with Y series motor, apart from the size dimensions, other proportions is also exact same as Y sequence motor, This collection motor is forced ventilation with the impartial axial circulation ventilator, which confirmed that the motor has great cooling efficiency in the whole frequency assortment and the temperature rise is not over that ranking.


The speed modulation system consisted of YJTG collection variable-frequency adjustable speed 3 period asynchronous motor and the frequency conversion putting in, compares with other speed modulation way, the power conservation result is remarkable, the speed modulation overall performance is excellent, the governor deflection is broad, the sounds is minimal, the vibration is much less, this motor can widely apply in the light industry, the spinning and weaving, the chemical sector, the metallurgy, device resource which need to have everlasting torque or change velocity at the everlasting electricity and the air blower, the h2o pump which require energy saving speed modulation. It is useful in developing automatic control of the pace modulation technique.


The four poles motor of YJTG sequence electric motor conform to JB/T7118-2004 “the specification of the velocity modulation technique. Conversion variable velocity motor and energy sources condition” and for other number of poles of electrical motor conforms to IEC34-one and GB/T755.


Variety of Which means

Case in point:YJTG200L1-six

YJTG point out for: Variety of motor

200 condition for: Center Top

L point out for: Body Dimension

1 condition for: Core Length

six point out for: Variety of Pole


Doing work Condition

1. Ambient Working Temperature: Ambient temperature varying with seasons need to be amongst 40ºC and -15ºC.

two. Altitude: Not above 1000m above sea level.

three. The common relative humidity in the most moisture thirty day period is ninety%. And meanwhile, the typical cheapest temperature must not be in excess of 25ºC.

4. Termination: Y(star) connection underneath Body 280. (delta) connection for Frame H315-H355..

5. Operation Mode(duty): S1.


Motor CZPT

1. Protection Diploma: IP44/IP54

2. Cooling Approach: IC416

three. It can carry high resolution sensor(the electro-optical encoder, the rotary transformer and tachogenerator) according to customer’s requirement.

four. It can have magnetic brake(the two circulation and shed electric brake is ok), gearspeed reducer, etc.

five. CZPT terminal box mounting is on the proper hand aspect observed from the shaft finish of the motor. As an different, mounting at the leading or on the still left hand facet is feasible on request.



Body Dimension(H80-H160): IM B3, B5, B35, V1, B6, B7, V3,V5, V6, V15, and many others.

Frame Measurement(H180-H280): IM B3, B5, B35, V1.

Body Dimension(H315-H355): IM B3, B35, V1

Packaging & Delivery

Testing Equipment

30kw 40HP 380V 400V 3000rpm 3 Phase Induction Brushless AC Motor